School trips

Schools packs are distributed during the autumn term to all primary schools across Cardiff. They contain all the information you need for your trip including:

  • Christmas – The Story performances
  • Belleplate ringing lessons
  • Our wonderful donkeys

How to book

Shepherds and sheep puppets

Please e-mail: with the following information:

  • Name of school
  • School contact and a mobile number for the day of the visit (in case of difficulty)
  • A choice of your preferred dates and times
  • Number of seats require
  • Ages of children attending
  • Any additional needs/requirements

Please type your school name in the title. We look forward to welcoming you!

Document for download

Further information for school groups

What is Christmas – The Story
Joseph and his attendant

Christmas – the Story brings to life the 2,000 year old story of Jesus’ birth. We use adult actors, professional costumes, staging and lighting, plus some fantastic puppets.

The 20-minute production is full of breath-taking moments. On their journey, Mary and Joseph encounter angels and shepherds, soldiers and stables, childbirth, Magi and stars, not to mention the arch-villain Herod – before finally returning home safely to Nazareth.

Everyone will leave us with a greater understanding of our Christmas celebrations and cultural heritage. And it’s all great fun!

An excellent educational trip, thoroughly enjoyed by all of our children…I would highly recommend that all children have an opportunity to visit a performance.

Mr David Harries, Headteacher
Tredegarville School

Although Christmas – The Story is a gift from the churches to the children of Cardiff, there is no evangelising or preaching involved – just the story itself.

Belleplate Ringing Lessons

Why not book your school a free belleplate ringing lesson too?

Each child will have a belleplate of their own to ring, and under the direction of our teachers they will quickly find themselves making music. Working together as a team, the children get a strong sense of the way individual notes meld together to create a tune.

The sessions take place under the same roof as Christmas – The Story. The children will be taken into the main part of the building – a fine example of a traditional Welsh non-conformist Chapel.

Meet our Lovely Donkeys

Our beautiful donkeys will be outside Tabernacl Chapel to welcome you as you arrive!

Our lovely donkeys

We work closely with The Donkey Sanctuary and the way we care for the donkeys has been approved by The City of Cardiff Council and The Donkey Sanctuary.

Donkeys are social creatures and they enjoy human company. Each night they’re taken to local stables where they’re well looked after.

Many people have supported us with our donkeys over the years. We can’t name everybody but we’d especially like to thank The Donkey Sanctuary, Mike’s Donkeys and Emma.