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We are updating our website!

We are still settling in at the moment – but if you spot anything odd then drop us a line.

  • We have got a dedicated section for Christmas – The Story @ Cardiff – so its easier to find any information specific to the Cardiff event.
  • We have also got our feeds from Facebook and Twitter on the main page so you can easily see what we have been getting up to.
  • We are looking into how we can enhance what we do here further – so if you have any suggestions then do drop us a line.
  • We have also got selection of images up from last years performances 
  • We are working on producing the Welsh version of this site – but unfortunately our small team of volunteers haven’t managed to get there yet.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Lee Bateman for the many hours he spent working on our old site. This new site has been created by Matt Rogerson.